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All of the training in our facility is conducted in the open for everyone to see. There are no private training rooms, covered windows or private practices associated with Si Feng Wu.


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Guide For Parents

The following are excerpts compiled from the Parents Guide to Si Feng Wu; a publication authored by Sifu David P. Brown and made available to all parents of attending students.


Through Si Feng Wu children experience training situations in which they must exercise character strengths that cultivate leadership abilities in personal and group settings. They learn to value and appreciate the abilities and contributions of every student in class, from the beginner to the most skilled. They are taught to nurture and support the abilities and limitations of others and not to demean them. They are taught the meaning of healthy competition. They are taught to understand that winning or losing is a function of  knowing why, on any given day, they are either physically and mentally strong, or perhaps not as strong and easily distracted. Although they are provided with standards of performance, we help them learn to be realistic about their expectations of themselves in their attempt to achieve those goals.

Si Feng Wu is pragmatic. Children are taught to respect and value life. They learn that gung fu is not just the act of kicking and punching; it is the art of moral values, compassion and conflict resolution. Children of Si Feng Wu are taught that the actual use of physical force is a last resort.  The children's gung fu training focuses on strengthening basics in terms of mental and practical physical techniques that are easily internalized and applied to the real world. Children are taught to defend themselves and their families, and they are taught that the use of their abilities is a responsibility that requires utmost care and judgment. We emphasize these values in every class session and make a concerted effort to relate these values to everyday situations in the home, school, and social environments.

Because our philosophy regarding the teaching of children is rooted in emphasizing real world function and practicality, we do not teach the gymnastic types of forms that are so often represented as Kung Fu in nature. I have found that these efforts direct the developing child and young adult into the area of showmanship and self-aggrandizement, and away from the Tao. With this in mind, you must ask yourself, "What is it that I would like my child to achieve?"


The power in a place of learning does not come from the ornate wall hangings, uniforms, trophies, or the typical trappings of a martial arts school.  It is the tangible knowledge and creative genius of everyone involved - instructors, students and parents alike - that empowers the atmosphere and the process. I am passionate about teaching the martial arts! Four Winds is fortunate to have, on staff, extremely talented, dedicated, and inspired men and women who share my motivation. Our instructors are committed to the growth and development of each and every child. We do not assume that all, or even most, children develop along the same growth and learning curve. As instructors of Si Feng Wu, we endeavor to foster success of each individual through the personal and positive reinforcement of each individual. Parents are encouraged to attend every training session, because support of the child promotes success of the family. As I will mention time and time again, Si Feng Wu training cannot stop in the school; it must permeate every aspect of a child's life.


It is important for the parents of our potential and practicing students to know that every one of our instructors has undergone an extensive background check in order to ensure the safety and future of our students. As a veteran detective I have worked numerous cases in which children were in some way involved. For this reason, my staff and I keep a vigilant eye on the children and all who enter our Kwan (school).

All of the training in our facility is conducted in the open for everyone to see. There are no private training rooms, covered windows or private practices associated with Si Feng Wu.