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The eyes of a child must be met
The ears of a child must be gained
The hands of a child must be held
In this way, we nurture spirit.
- Sifu David P. Brown


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About Us

As founder of the Four Winds Martial Arts Academy and Triad Defense, I am committed to perpetuating a career-long history of uncompromising work ethic, in dedication to service to our country and local communities, by continuing to provide training of the highest quality in the fields of personal protection, public safety, law enforcement and the preservation of martial disciplines.

~ Sifu David P. Brown

The Four Winds Martial Arts Academy teaches Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan as well as Si Feng Wu Gung Fu. The school provides traditional martial arts instruction in a friendly, welcoming and non-threatening environment that focuses on developing the positive attributes of balanced, well-rounded martial artists. Whether you are focusing on the adult or children's curriculum, the approach is holistic - one of body, mind and spirit.

Sifu Brown's teachings focus on the creation of balance within all human endeavors. The T'ai Chi Ch'uan student will learn to understand the presence, importance and cultivation of Qi (chi) within the body for the purpose of naturopathic holistic health. The combat-oriented T'ai Chi Ch'uan student will develop the ability to generate energy within the human body in ways never before imagined. The Gung Fu student will come to understand human movement in ways that he or she never before thought possible. The Gung Fu student will learn to cultivate both internal and external energy to be used in a multitude of human applications. Students of both disciplines will reach an enlightening dimension of this human experience - the true Tao of the martial arts.

All of our classes are conducted within full view of parents and guests. There are no "behind closed doors" sessions associated with this facility. Parents are encouraged to attend each and every class. Our school is a clean and modern facility that includes male and female locker rooms. Students train on a 1200 square foot suspended wooden floor that helps cushion the body's joints during training.

Our primary goal is to ensure a necessary comfort level among all students, and we understand that beginning students, especially those who have special needs, may take some time in adjusting to a new environment. All of our instructors have undergone thorough background investigations to ensure the safety and continued training of our children. The physical and emotional well-being of our students is a critical aspect of our curriculum.

Sifu Brown's fundamental philosophy regarding children in the martial arts is that the training must take root in the children's personality and reflect in their character. If this does not occur, the endeavor might as well be just another external activity, such as a team sport or a martial arts school that stresses only physical development. True martial discipline will enhance the lives of everyone involved - spectators and participants alike - and it all begins with a single energetic phrase - Gung Fu.

Gung Fu or Kung Fu, as it is commonly referred to, is the process of studying a martial art to its fullest human potential. With Si Feng Wu the students will experience training situations in which they must exercise character strengths that cultivate leadership abilities in personal and group settings. They learn to value and appreciate the abilities and contributions of everyone in class, from the beginner to the most skilled. They are taught to recognize, nurture and support the abilities and limitations in themselves and others. Although the standards of performance are high, we help them learn to be realistic about their personal expectations. For more information regarding the actual curriculum, please see the Kung Fu Overview Page.

Sifu Brown believes that because every child is different, he or she must be taught in a manner that is conducive to his or her learning abilities. For example, a traditional Chinese and Japanese approach to teaching involves the instructor standing at the head of the class, in an almost "cameo" role, executing technique and barking orders. This perspective of the process is so pervasive that it is usually what people expect when they think of the martial arts. This method is fundamentally wrong. This type of teaching only accommodates students who learn in an auditory or visual manner. Every child is different, and each child must be taught in a way that caters to his or her individual learning style. It is vital that who and where each student is, on any given day, be considered in carrying out the teaching process.  Students who feel they are not important because their needs are not being met will lose interest and fail.

May your martial arts journey be one of joyous wonder.